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Travis Barker Fans
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Travis Landon Barker

Drummer for: blink-182, Box Car Racer, The Transplants
Former Drummer for: The Aquabats
Birthdate: November 14 , 1975
Age: 29
Maritial Status: Married to Shanna Moakler and has an ex wife, Melissa
Resides: Corona, CA

Drums: Orange County Drum & Percussion in custom yellow finish with black hardware
A. 12x14 tom
B. 6x14 snare (20-ply, vented)
C. 8x12 tom
D. 14x16 tom
E. 18x22 bass drum

Cymbals: Zildjian
1. 14" Projector hi-hats
2. 18" Z Custom crash
3. 21" A Sweet ride
4. 19" Z Custom crash
5. 18" Oriental China

Hardware: DW (with medium-tight tension on bass drum pedal), RIMS mounts on toms

Heads: Remo coated Emperor on snare batter, Ambassador on snare side (tuned tight top and bottom), coated Emperors on tops of toms with clear Ambassadors underneath (medium tuning), clear PowerStroke 3 on bass drum batter with black PowerStroke 3 on front (medium tuning front and back)

Sticks: Zildjian Travis Barker signature stick
Microphones: Audix

Mini bio and setup info from blink-182 Online

Community Rules
1) This is a community for all things relating to Travis Barker. This includes post about blink-182, box car, etc, but not about the other guys in the bands. There are plenty of other communities for posts about other band members. This is focused on Mr. Barker only. If you want to post about Tom or Mark please go to blink182_fans.

2) Do not post asking for codes or anything off topic or we will remove it.

3) Introductory posts are welcome and encouraged!

4) When posting pictures, if you are going to post more then one (or anything really large) please use the < lj-cut > code.

5) Be nice and respect those around you. If anyone causes a problem or harasses another member they will be removed.

Thanks and enjoy the community!